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I see HOPE in this last paragraph.

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soul mates

All minds work differently,
Sending messages to our eyes
And telling us what to see,
Telling our bodies what to do
And our hearts where to go.
Our minds can overthink things,
See what our eyes didn't
And manipulate what they did.
They can tell them to turn
Clear water to dark, fresh blood,
Filling every river, every puddle,
Tainting every drop they see,
And rolling down our cheeks
As tears fill our mistless seas.

Our minds have their own cell
Which imprisons our madness.
Sometime, we will forget
To keep watch over it
And it will manupilate our ears
Into filling the ghostly silence
With penetrating wails of the widows,
Howls of the hungry, tears of the tortured.
No flesh can block the noise
And we catch the blood in our hands.
We don't always have control
But we, as foolish human beings,
Think we do. And our stupidity
Can be the death of us.

My mind works its own way.
I know I have no control over it.
My eyes see the world in reality,
My ears hear normal daily noises.
Could things be so much worse?
Yes, they could be. The water's clear.
The trees are bare, but I persevere.
The leaves will grow again.
In the reflection of the pools,
I don't see the mist that hides my torture
Or the concealed madness in me.
I see me; a simple, young girl
Jumping over the obstacles
And finding her own path. 1 comment

And she will.

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