Paul Butters Paul Butters
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Great description here. Very colourful and moving. On the border between free verse and poetic prose but well written anyhow.

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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soul mates

Trying to write free verse for a change.

Silver shards of light flicker through my window pane
Gently penetrating and awakening my relaxed spirit
I look out of the window from my high rise abode
To witness the beginnings of a truly magical dawn

I stand transfixed, in a trance, at this wondrous sight
As silver turns to golden rays of beaming reflections
In dark blue waters of rippling tides, lapping to the shore
This golden Orb, slowly rises; my eyes begin to play tricks

A perfect star has risen as I am blinded by a memory
Burnt orange, yellow and red, I see these colours dancing
Like a Môn strum in Church, during a Benediction blessing
Morning has broken and so my day at Surfers begins.

So this time of day
So peaceful...and relaxed I sit
So I sit and write
So peaceful...sings my soul
So meditation
So peaceful...and alive I feel.
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