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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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All I Wished For Is Gone

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just a ballad and I am not sure if the title will remain. Any ideas?

I don’t sleep and I don’t dream
always drifting somewhere in-between
It’s hard to breathe when my heart won’t beat
and my ankles turn on this twisted street
But I can’t go home, no one is waiting at the door
I’ll just stay right here in the dark

I don’t laugh and I don’t cry
Don’t say hello can’t say goodbye
I’m paralyzed
It’s hard to see when the sun’s gone grey
that every road circles back to yesterday
But I just can’t go home, no one lives there anymore
I will stay right here in the dark

Since you’ve gone I rearranged
I tried to change
I’ve thrown away some memories
I thought forever was for real
now I know that only fools believe

But I won’t beg and I won’t pray
Don’t even know the words to say
It’s hard to find a friend that’s true
I thought I had the only one
and it was you
But now I can’t go home, the house is falling apart
I have to stay right here in the dark

You once were the brightest light
That guided me through lonely nights
You were the star I wished upon
Now when I close my eyes
I can’t see the sky
And all I wished for is gone


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