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Accepting is quite difficult when a friend is gone This is beautifully written.

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He Still Smiles

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soul mates

In memory of Séan O'Neill, who died Thursday 13th of March, a bright student of Davis College and a beautiful boy. Heaven always needs another angel.

Friday, the day after, was the worst.
Everyone was weeping and mourning,
Kids I've never seen sad before,
Accepting that it was all over
And nothing would be the same.
Where did he go? Why did he go? 1 comment

Stemming the flow of emotions
Was impossible, so we cried.
Words repeated over and over
In my mind; "He's with God now,"
But I couldn't help thinking
He was watching me sadly.

His face is everywhere now,
Not in the papers, or in ink,
But in our desolate minds.
Our hearts are torn in two,
Even mine, and he was
Just a boy I smiled at.

It's only been a week since he left
And we're all connected
In a mutual need for comfort.
In God's safe hands, he smiles,
Smiles at us. Always and forever,
He'll be with us, in our hearts.

He watches over his family now,
Smiles at our succeses in life.
We cry, and our tears go without sacrifice.
Eventually they'll stop. They'll evaporate
And the air will be fresh again.
We'll smile at the skies and at Séan.

Because he's smiling down on us.

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