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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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So Peaceful

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soul mates

This is the original poem I wrote, using the last line of each paragraph, as my ending to my latest poem DAWN.

I sit and ponder, then I hear
Surf rushing to the shore
I look into the distance
Now, who could want more?
So peaceful – this time of day

I see a surf school in action
Like birds of a feather
Early souls on holidays
Regardless of the weather
So peaceful – and relaxed I sit

And then I heard a different sound
A child or bird, what could it be?
I heard it cry, then sing and sigh
And with that, I drank my tea
So peaceful – as I write

He tried to sing, then tried some more
Until he got it right
This fledgling bird, had done his job
And then took off in flight
So peaceful – sings my soul

The ocean is now dotted with life
Walkers, on virgin sand they tread
Families, are up and about
While others, are still in bed
So peaceful - my heart rejoices

The sun has broken through
Birds are singing their praises
The view below, is full of life
My uplifted mood, amazes
So peaceful – my meditation

Soon I will be out there too
Walking, just like they
When my hubby wakes up, then
We’ll begin our holiday
So peaceful – and alive I feel

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