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Carrie Van horn Carrie Van horn
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Silence at the End

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soul mates

When he calls, you think something is wrong
But then you realize it was just some news
Not even important news
But he still called you to tell you
He didn’t want to text you
And you talk for a while, about anything
And you don’t want the conversation to end
But you realize it will eventually
So when you say goodbye, you pause
Not sure how to put it at first
Then you just say goodnight
And he says it back
But you both stay on the line for a few moments
Because what would come next
Is something you can’t say to each other
Not anymore
And you both know what should go there
But neither one says it
So you hang up before it is said
But once he can’t hear you
You whisper it to the phone, with no one listening
And you don’t know that he did the same

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