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" - “Are you friends with that Raven Who quoted "Nevermore"? - " This is brilliant! Absolutely genius!

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Ode to a Bumble Bee That Flew Into My Room

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soul mates

A Bumble Bee flew into my room the other day, which does not happen very often so I thought it would be fun to write a poem about it.

“Are you a messenger of good tidings?
Or a profit of doom!”
I asked the Bumblebee
That flew into my room.
Without invitation or thank you or please
“Return from where you came,
To the flowers and trees!

“Are you friends with that Raven
Who quoted "Nevermore"?
How long will it take
Until you fly back out my door?”
With a disarming smile
And graceful agility
You hum and you buzz
And promise civility
Yet your flight breaks the laws of aerodynamics
And counters the theses of young academics 1 comment

In my room there are moths
And sometimes there's flies
And spiders that spin webs
And the monarch butterflies
Seldom does bumble bee ever fly in
Though who really cares?
I’ll just get back to my Gin! 1 comment

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