Don Yarber Don Yarber
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And your face is good for a laugh.

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Oh Darling Sweet Darling

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soul mates

A touching love poem

Oh darling my darling you are my darling
Your lips taste sweeter than wine
You’re blonde, and you’re dumb
With an elephant sized bum
Where it is said the sun doesn't shine!
Oh darling sweet darling of mine

Oh darling my darling you are my darling
You are cute as the baby giraffe
Sometimes you are serious
And other times mysterious
And your face good is for a laugh
Darling, sweet darling of mine 1 comment

Oh darling sweet darling dearest wee darling
To me you are sun and the moon
When you read what I just wrote
You jumped down my throat
And hit me your big wooden spoon
Oh darling, sweet darling of mine

Oh darling sweet darling my sweet little darling
I shower you with many a gift
An ironing board
And a cloths hanger cord
Pots, pans and even a sieve
Oh darling sweet darling of mine.

Oh darling sweet darling sweet little darling
I’m saddened that you’re going away
And you’re off with our kid
To somewhere in Madrid
Something to do with the things that I say
Oh darling sweet darling of mine

Oh darling ex darling my once sweet little darling
I’ve gone out and got someone new  
She is chained to the stove
And does as she's told
And she is far more prettier than you
Oh Darling ex darling of mine

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