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'vail veil 'veil maybe?

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Like this one. Like the v. subtle travel subtext?

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Kind of trite and superficial. You definitely have the tact to improve on this paragraph.

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Thank you for the nuclear bomb 60's reference. I don't have much background in the literature, art, or history of that era. Seems gruesome and like I would be able to punch right into it.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Tomb of the Sacred

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I`m going in deep on this one. What else is there to say?

Well...here we are. It seems we`ve come so very far, in such a short time.Never before in our history have we given away so much for so little in return. Or, perhaps, it was all the worthwhile to be able to see through the eyes of gods. In verity, we have come to the place where we have visited the Tomb of the Sacred.

    And, sometimes I stop and think that we were never meant to go there.It`s almost unthinkable that all that comprises our lives can fit on the head of a pin. What do you think of that? Is it that some unknown, unseen intelligence is charting out and manipulating our destiny? And, will this intelligence eventually lead us to the brink? No, no,no...that can`t be, that musn`t be the way it ends!Even though our water, our air,and our food seems to be coalescing into something other than the natural order of things. God!...what have we become? And what of our children?

Are we really dust? Because I know everything eventually returns to the earth. At least that`s what I`ve been told. The Tomb of the Sacred is a place of mystery. And,I suppose, part of what gives our lives such rich meaning is in finding out those things most inscrutable. And when we finally do pull back the vail to reveal the truth...well..we find, it was not such a big deal after all. It must be like dying and going through this deep portal that swallows up everything that your senses told you was real.What do you think? What do you suppose to be truth or illusion? How deep does the well run in your cranial cavity? 1 comment

Those things sacred and which cannot be changed are out of human control.At the point where x meets y is only a term which sets the stage for anything can happen.Tonight, the sun will set and in the morning...well...what ever comes our way, will be. Even in the state of sleep,things happen.Because the body enters into a seeming state of dormancy doesn`t necessarily mean that that there is no apparent activity. It may well be that there is an extended reality to life that we can only guess at.

No doubt, you have heard the French term,``Deja Vu``? Well, it seems that the French believe that there is such a thing known as  astral projection. Supposedly something curious happens while in the dream state,in that the soul, departs for a time, from the body, only to return upon awakening.

This theory would seem to make some sense, since, have you ever been to a place for the very first time; and,for a moment, there is a glimpse of recognition deep in your psyche. It is that defining moment when one can be heard to softly utter,``Hey, I`ve been here before.``It would stand to shallow reason, then, that, supposedly, the soul travels hither and thither visiting places and individuals throughout that night season. Hence, the reason one recognises a complete stranger at odd times. This is the reason why whereupon when one meets a perfect stranger that one might feel it strangely appropriate to ask,`` Say, haven`t we met somewhere before?`` 1 comment

The world is on a tightrope. Haven`t you heard? One careless press of a button, and it`s all over. Imagine that! We can all be deleted...just like that. This naturally begs the question,``If that is true, then why are we still here?``In light of the stark reality of nuclear capability one must, at least consider the possibility that Something bigger than man must be in charge. Today`s technology is the Tomb, and according to Man, there is nothing more Sacred or powerful. 1 comment

I HAVE SEEN THE END OF ALL TIME IN THE MUSHROOMING CLOUD! Can you see it!Look away! Look away! Your eyes will burn in their sockets. It`s such a fearful, awesome sight!There will be no time to hit back. For the first strike will be the last strike, to the absolute and utter detriment of our souls! Watch for the signs! When the moon turns blood-red and when the weather turns freakish beyond belief, then; we will all know, that The Tomb of the Sacred has been utterly defiled. There will be no turning back! 1 comment

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