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Rajesh Mani Rajesh Mani
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She had a friend.

      I did not sleep the whole night. I know Allah had decided. The sound of the keychain disturbed by thoughts. The doctor examined my body and gave a signed document to the prison guard by the wake of dawn. I took bath, trimmed my beard , dressed in dry clothes and had biryani.  I hear the deafening sound of the prayer-time siren for the prison mates. I took my mat and faced towards south-east.  On the chants of 'Allah hu Akbar' I prayed the almighty Allah to cure all my sins and take care of my family.

       After the prayer with tears flowing on my cheeks, I was duly handcuffed by the guard. I passed the silent lane and notice that my prison friends doesn't want to speak with me. With silence as a companion I approached exit gate. The soothing morning sun rays scatter on my face. I said to myself 'may Allah, give this warmth to my family'. I walked few yards and entered another exit gate. I see my mother, brother, wife and my two little twin sons in tears. I also see Irfan's parents standing near by.

       I couldn't help myself, tears wet my cheeks . I couldn't wipe the tears as my hands were handcuffed. The guard covers my head with a sack and holds my shoulders to walk forward. I stand in the podium and a voice saying me to move a  step forward.I can see my world is black now and can hear sobering voices around me. I can faintly hear my wife praying for me. The guard tells his prayer to mighty Allah to forgive the sin that he is going to commit.

       I couldn't control and broke out loudly and begged Allah to make it easier and make my family comfortable in my absence.

       I cried my heart out and could hear some foot steps approaching me. The lady said 'remove the mask and I wanted to see his face'. I recognise this as Irfan's mother's voice. Now I felt the sun stronger as the guard removed the sack.

       She slapped me and said 'Irafan spoke with me last night to forgive you.'

       She demanded to free me and she spoke with the officers to remove the charges of  'Murdering Irfan' on me and finally uttered 'Allah, may give you good health and your family good days ahead'.

       In tears I knelt and touched her feet. I could see her face in tears and angst.

The end

"It's a law that victim's family/kin can forgive and revoke the case. This story is based on a true incident happened in one of the middle east country. I read this incident in one of the news website. I have used my imagination here on some scenes."

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