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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Her Gift To Us

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soul mates

A dear friend of mine is helping me get through this awful stage of grief. I always think and dream of Caitlin. This is another of the many poems I've written for her. I am so grateful for my friend's compassion and kindness. This is dedicated to both of them. Shine on, Caitlin.

The dreams that last forever
Are lost beneath the tides.
The shore is dark and cold
And the sands are rough and dry.

The hope that never ends
Is stuck beneath the sea,
Under layers of crystals
I know I'll never reach.

The peace that I have hunted
Is out of my arrow's range.  
This hunt lasted my lifetime
And I've thrown it all away.

The sleep that I have craved for
Is tainted with the past.
Everything I've left behind
Keeps on crawling back.

But the love that I have searched for
Is finally crystal clear.
He holds out his hand to me
And I know he'll stay here.

His arms shield me from nightmares
And his hands are now my reins.
His words are understanding;
It's clear he shares my pain.

His humour is so contagious
I can't help but laugh.
When the shadows take me,
He can call me back.

And when the worst happens,
He guards me from the storm.
The grief is soul-consuming
But I cling to him for warmth.

When the snow falls too thick,
He says it's where she nests.
That the snow is her gift for us
And a sign that she's at rest.

We will always love you.

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