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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The Last Confession

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soul mates

This is a bit of impromptu writing, so as to fill in my time on a journey by train to see this show. I would appreciate some feedback, as I am not entirely happy with it.  I probably should add another paragraph?.

I’m on the train, to see a show
To see a man, who played Poirot
The show is called, ‘The Last Confession’
About a Cardinal, who’s on a mission.

In the Vatican, there was a Pope
Who died after 33 days, we think, of dope
You see, it was thought that he was killed
So his mission, would be left unfulfilled.

Now David Suchet, is that actor sleuth
And the Cardinal, who wants the truth
That should come easy to him, as Poirot
And I will know more, after the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing this show
With my sister, I’ll have you know
Today is sunny and a bright spring day
I’m nearly at Parliament, so I’m okay.

I have now arrived at the Comedy Theatre
The footpath is crowded, with idolaters
I see my sister, in the far distance
Time to close this book, on her insistence.

            * * *
Now I’m on the train, on the way back home
The show was informative and set in Rome
The Vatican, the Pope and the Cardinals
The story I found to be quite medicinal.

So much dialogue, with so much talent
Storyline political, but faith was evident
Acting was excellent, Suchet emotional
And now it was time, for the INTERVAL.

I didn’t quite know what to expect
But was entertained, in every aspect
However, there was included a bit of humour
I guess, to lighten that heavy rumour.

What went on behind those Vatican scenes
Left one without doubt, of power supreme
And so the mystery was left unsolved
As an autopsy would not be involved.

I’ve now rung my hubby, that I’m on the way
He answered his phone from a Sandy Café
A few more stations, then I’ll be there
To pick him up, and then to share.

             * * *

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