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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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I think I’m Jinxed!

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soul mates

This was written on the spur of the moment, so I'll call it a DRAFT copy.  Please feel free to add or correct.

I have this problem; been present for years
Couldn’t understand what it was, but it was there
Years later, I understood why it was present
This problem was a gift and one I couldn’t share

Whenever someone hurt or offended me unjustly
Involuntary feelings about them happened, but then
My thoughts were swallowed into the Universe
Karma would mysteriously present itself, an omen?

I never intended to hurt any living souls
But the Universe, was much stronger, than I was
So I needed to have good thoughts, about them always
For I am one imperfect being, coming from country Oz.

It began when I was 16, the day I joined the workforce
My siblings all caught a virus, all lost so much weight
In three years I never took a sickie, I was always well
I wished that I was sick too, I was a little overweight

The following week my wish was granted, oh how I suffered
I knew I had brought this upon myself, it wasn’t worth it
I couldn’t believe, that karma answered my call, twofold,
Had I known, I would not have fallen into that negative pit.

Over the years, I’ve wondered why some things happen
It was all explained plainly, by a trusted Clairvoyant
Who enlightened me to be wary, of wishes and the Universe
For good or bad, it does happen, so beware and be buoyant.

I realised I have the power, to hurt or heal, it's proven
My family have been affected, by my good and bad thoughts
Good thoughts are healing, bad thoughts are negative
I feel guilty now for the hurt they suffered, which I brought.

A robbery, an operation, an unexpected illness and bad luck
This came to those I loved, I hope Heaven will forgive me?
But I still feel guilty, my sad feelings affected them all
Then remorse festered inside me, I wished I was guilt free.

I try to be in control, whenever I am hurt or ridiculed
‘People who don’t want you don’t deserve you,’ I was told
Now that I am older and wiser, I respect these inner feelings
For I can create or destroy, the world becomes my centrefold.

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