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Cultural Identity

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Simple essay for Advanced English. Short and sweet.

      Music plays a significant part in my personal cultural identity. With this ancient practice, stressful and emotional problems are easier to handle. Music also has the ability of sharpening a person's concentration, an ability it often exploits with me. Along with the reduction of mental stress and the increased concentration, music also helps me interpret several things in life that confuse me. This trifecta of assistance has made music a dominant factor in my culture.

       I will often find myself under the stress of schoolwork or the emotional stress of common human relationships. My opinion of Right v Wrong is shifted under this stress. However with a simple tune, my mind is able to be set back on track. Music has helped me make several hard decisions in my life, the result varying in both good and bad situations.

       My concentration has a habit of breaking easily, leading to several problems including the loss of certain objects and the hazy memory I call my own. Only when I have the ear buds in and the music blaring do I find true clarity in  the art of concentration. I am able to focus and speed through whatever it is I am doing. Music also helps with my attention to detail and the sophistication of both my speech and my words on paper.

       A variety of things in both common and personal life confuse me. In my personal life, it is mostly emotions that confuse me. Why I feel a certain way, or how I came to feel that way. Many things confuse me in the common/daily life, including the rudeness that is given to complete strangers or the dominance a man must have in a group. Music comes into play again and allows my thinking to become philosophical and revolutionary in some ways. This thinking is a sort of drug in my life, and without music, I would never be able to obtain it.

       Many things are a dominant factor in people's cultures. The politeness, or the addiction to specific food or drinks. Religion and the need for religious freedom are also major things in culture. However, in my own personal culture, Music has and always will be a dominant factor in it.

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