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Something to be Said

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just a running train of thought

Religion seems to be a pretty hot topic. So I figured I should give my opinion. My opinion on religion changes every few weeks. It all depends on my week. But in the end. I admire religious people. Your blind faith and loyalty really does impress me. I find it very admirable that your life can be made better by these religious doctrines.

While I do admire it. I do not want you trying to push said religious views on myself. I am not a faithful man. Nor am I one who advocates hope. While my life is worse off then those with religious sanctity, it is still MY life. I will believe what I see fit. And I will deal with the consequences that follow. I am simple minded. With no intricate or unique qualities, I am simply just another face in the crowd voicing an opinion that will be lost to the buzz of everyone else's voice.

I wrote a passage the other day describing my dream of being a hero. A hero in a time where heroes don't exist. I wrote of my dream to slay the gargantuan dragons that are Greed and Corruption. But alas. I am just a lowly knight with a rusty sword.

This statement states my lack of hope in both myself and my generation. We focus on such trivialaties, like drinking or smoking. That the main cause for our existence has been lost to the smoky trail of history. We feel entitlement. For things we do not deserve. We feel selfish. For foolish reasons.

I am no better. I am self centered. I am very protective. I am emotional at times. Cold at others.

I am human. Just like the rest of you. but there are those with a voice so powerful it can be heard. I am not one of those. So i ask that you look at this small passage. Consider my thoughts. and then just move on.

Religion is an admirable thing. People are all flawed. We are all capable of good things. Evil is very enticing. And finally. Hope is something you should never lose. It is a shining beacon in the dark sea of sadness and misery, that many teenagers are condemned too. Do not lose hope like me. Keep it and hold on. Life will get better for you. Just hold on.

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