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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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I think I am dying...

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soul mates

Again, just a thought I had, so one does not need to agree.  But it is still a thought. Okay?

What would one say, if they thought their life was over?
Would they cry, have regrets, or just accept it all?
What if they dreamt, that they lay dead in their bed?
When they imagined themselves, next to their partner?

Why should such dreams, feel so extreme, yet so real?
Would that help to justify their own insecurities?
For I know that is all it could and perhaps should be?
Thoughts from the imagination, which feel so real?

When one feels lonely, when others don't understand,
Do they complain or just keep going on, as is expected?
When one has been strong all of their long life,
Why does one become weak? Is that part of life's cycle?

This is not a message of sadness, regret or whatever,
Look at life at what it is, and you will live forever.
The days will pass you by, so accept those lemons,
When your life is over, you will be entered into Heaven!

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