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For me, the second paragraph would work better as two sentences.

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2nd para.? Sorry I don't understand. Perhaps I should have joined the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs?

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Dear Me...

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She had a friend.

In our U3A writing group, we were asked to write a letter of advice to our 16 year old self, so this is what I came up with.

10th January, 1962.

Dear Me,
Thought I would surprise you by saying ‘Happy Birthday’ and to see how you are doing?  You don’t know me yet, but one day you will.  I am the voice of experience and as it is your 16th Birthday today, I would like to impart some useful advice to you.

I do know that today, you had your first job interview in the workforce and it went well.  You were offered a job at Containers Limited in Thornbury, beginning next week, as an Office Junior, even though you are a qualified stenographer.

Okay, let us recap ... I also know how shy and timid you were in that interview, so I guess that was the reason you chose to bring your mamma along, for support!  And when the boss asked you questions, you were tongue-tied, so your mamma answered on your behalf!  And after a while, the boss said, ‘Let her answer for herself!’ 2 comments

Of course you were quite timid, as a convent trained girl, who never thought that she was good enough, except to be strong!  Your younger sister, outshone you academically, but believe in yourself, for you also are a very capable stenographer and one day, you will receive your rightful position.  Sometimes, we do need to start from the bottom, as you will be, but think of Finch, from, ‘How to Succeed in business without really trying!’  Well, he did get to the top in a very short time, yet I know that realistically, you will have to earn your way there; no matter how long it takes.

When you do your Mail Rounds, please beware of older men, for some, especially the unmarried ones, do have ulterior motives.  Yes, take people at face value, until they prove otherwise.  Learn from these important experiences.

Now let’s talk about dating.  You do seem to have the right idea about saving yourself until marriage.  After all, you were brought up to believe that it was sinful to love completely, and when you did find out what was expected of you, that strengthened your beliefs to marry in white.

Stick to your beliefs and you will be happier for it.  Keep doing what you believe in but please, have more confidence in yourself.  After all, you are a child of God and He will always look after you.  Just don’t forget to keep Him alive in your life.  Remember also, that, ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

As you go through life, listen to what the elders will tell you, for they have lived and their eyes have been opened wide.  Always make time for the elderly, for one day you also, will be one, God willing!

Trust your instincts, for they will serve you well. Remember what Mamma taught you...’if something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t right!’ Marry for love only.  I am sure you will, being the romantic that you are.  

Life may not always be fair or just, but please do remember, that it is how you handle these disappointments, that will strengthen your knowledge, especially if you learn some lesson, for out of bad,  good comes. You will be kept continuously in awe at these freaky coincidences.  So, BE POSITIVE always and yes please, do believe in KARMA.
Never ever wish anyone ill, for that also could backfire.  Be happy within yourself and good fortune will be destined to you by the Universe.  Keep believing in yourself and your dreams will come true, no matter how far away they seem to be.

One day, I hope you will look back on your life and say that, yes, you did do all that was humanly practical to do and to the best of your ability, for that is all that one can expect. No one is perfect, and no one needs to be.

If you impart your knowledge to others, as I have to you, you would also be doing them a great service.

So until we meet one day, have a very Happy 16th Birthday in every way, then I will show you happiness during your life.  

Remember also this one last thing, that our purpose in life is to be USEFUL, HONORABLE and COMPASSIONATE!

Yours lovingly,

Your future self...

21st October 2014

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