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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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The First Kiss

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soul mates

A little poem on how I experienced my first kiss.

Twisted knots, uncontrollable shaking,
Twitching fingers, interlocked in his.
His lips pressed tenderly into my neck
Spreading warmth throughout my body,
To my fingers, even to my eyes...
I am afraid. I am so, so afraid.

Then he lifts my head, and soon
I feel the pressure of his lips
Against mine, and the world, the jeers
Of our fellow pupils, the whistling
Of the ferocious wind, is nothing.
All I feel is his lips.

My head feels warm and fuzzy
And the fear I felt shatters.
Butterflies encircle us in
Uncountable numbers, and I don't
Pull back, I don't stop. My lips
Move to lock around yours.

It can't last for longer than three seconds.
I pull back and we laugh breathlessly.
Yet as I trudge back to class,
That light leafy feather brushing
Off my lips doesn't go away. Two hours
Later, I'm still pressing my hand to
Where you kissed, thinking "Did that just happen!?"

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