Goldie Kohli Goldie Kohli
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I watched it live too that night, many moons ago. Still seems real and tells us about the futility of war.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
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It was totally unbelievable! I still get the shivers.

Goldie Kohli Goldie Kohli
Recommendations: 4

True. It changed the world and we will be able to bring that reality to our kids and future generations. Well said Davide.

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

An Unforseen Event

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She had a friend.

There are many world events that have affected us in some way, either good ones or bad ones.  In our U3A writing class, we were asked to describe one such event that left an impact on us.  I have many, but felt this particular one affected me the most.

I was having another nightmare...again!

I found myself clinging onto the Westgate Bridge, in koala mode, except that the Bridge was narrow as if a Monorail and it moved continuously like an escalator or travelator.

Below me, was great confusion, some sort of raging war and the wind was ferocious, using all its strength to prise open my hands and feet.  I was not alone, but no-one else seemed perturbed and they were even laughing at my fear.

Yes, I was frightened, very frightened, not only of the height, but the fact that I was losing my grip and as it travelled to the highest point I felt myself losing control.

Fortunately, I then awoke!

Today was September 11, 2001.  Turning on the radio at 8 a.m. was not a good idea, for the news was that a plane had flown into the World Trade Centre.

My husband was at work, so I immediately turned on the television and there it was, visually transmitted in all its goriness.  

For most of the day, I watched in disbelief, mesmerised, shocked, as the events unfolded.

I witnessed the 2nd plane crashing into the other twin tower.  
Watched in disbelief as people covered in dust, ran for their lives.  
Saw people jumping from those towers, and then remembered my nightmare.  
Yes, I was very frightened. 2 comments

These events affected me, for I had stood taking photographs a few years previously on that first tower.  I had never before stood on the roof of such a tall building, for I do suffer a fear of heights, but my hubby was with me at that time, so I had felt safe.  That beautiful building was now rubble with so many innocent lives tragically lost.

I seemed to absorb those events as if I was there.  

How can badness justify these actions?  Especially when it was all planned?  

Unfortunately, I spiralled into a depression with a feeling of sadness and emptiness which lasted for many years and to this day, I am still saddened each time I think of the tragic events of 9/11.


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