Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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I love the first line of this stanza, very funny.

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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if his collage certificates are written in crayon - yes I would definitely ask to see another doctor if this was the case.

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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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See Another Doctor

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soul mates

Silly little poem I made when I was bored while waiting to be called at my local GP.

Wake up, get out of bed
Notice your skin's all red
Rash making you look like a lobster?
Lad, you best go see a doctor.

But be careful which hospital you visit
You never know, the doc might be illicit
Don't worry, friends, I'll make sure you all don't look like tools
To avoid all the quacks, follow these simple rules.

If the doc holds a syringe like a dagger,
If you come in with a migraine, and come out with Viagra,
If he mixes up plasma with plasma,
You best see another doctor.

If he suggests acupuncture for a broken spine,
If he's been threatened at gunpoint to resign,
If he responds to your symptoms with a whine,
You might want see a different doctor.

If he responds with a surprised look to his salary cheque,
If he prescribes an aspirin for a broken neck,
If boasts about how he is "pro as heck",
Probably a good idea to consider another doctor.

If he can't tell the difference between your tonsil and your nipple,
If you come in with a hay fever and exit as a cripple,
if his medical tools include a hammer and a sickle,
Mate, you really should see other doctors. 1 comment

If his collage certificates are written in crayon,
If he calls your muscles bacon,
And if his office paperweight is a big chunk of frozen radon,
We aren't kidding around here, get away from that doctor. 1 comment

I hope that this guide causes your stress to decrease
Don't forget on the way out to call the police.

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