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Susan Stone Susan Stone
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The Happiness Trap. Comment

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To help the girl with anxiety

I'm new to this group so I haven't really got used to it and half the page is missing on comments so it won't let me comment.  I had to write about it however as I too have suffered from acute anxiety.  I had acute physical pain which would not go away.  I suffered with it for a couple of years so I know how bad it can be.  You don't know how to stop it and it's relentless.  When I finally got into hospital and was put on the right medication it stopped.  It was like a miracle.  The medications were Olanzapine and Venlafaxine. I don't know whether it will work for you but I would go back to my doctor and explain your position to him.  This might now work but I hope it will.  My heart goes out to you.

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