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Kumaresh Jeyapal Kumaresh Jeyapal
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Waving Soul

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My Eyes have visibility touched my own world,found rigorous after looking it. Some were wealthy some were weak some are unpredictable.

This weird world burning itself for an unknown cause,I found my dawn later which replicate what i had did before.

My mind raised into a thought of what has gone before.
My enough exams couldn't heal for what is going on.
I have leaped into the troublesome,
Deprived for not making it as a cause

This blissful life sense my fashion rather than looking an affirmative to speak
Dumping it oscillates my organ to show off the truth by writing.

My mind strolled ,thoughts hang around mistakes follows.
A discontent life always lay on my shoulder and tap to make my next move horrible.

Desperately I'm worrying but my throb inside dancing to make a wrong path
Literally i would like to break the restraint, deliberately my follow is thwacking inside.
I couldn't handle the nerve which is blazing entice.

All my soul needs a grip to move on, to look on, to surround on, and to be reliable on.

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