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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Things that I hate

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soul mates

Another exercise on the things we hate.

Hate is a strong word, so I use it with care
It’s not only negative, but it can also scare
You see, when one learns to hate, do they not lose?
Or do they not see that they can really choose?

What does one do, when loyalty is betrayed?
By a friend so unlikely, when their loyalty strayed?
Now I have a confession that you might relate  
And the reason I refuse my energy to hate

As a child I felt bad, so young and so gullible
When I truly believed it got me into trouble
I believed at face value, and trusted my heart
As time passed however some trust fell apart

I’ve been bitten so badly, at times more than I should
Those friends are now gone, I keep only the good
Experience and age has its value and hate is now gone
I look into eyes now and know who’s right or wrong

Now what I really do hate and I shudder but must tell
Is insincerity of all kinds, the inner guilt must be hell?
I think of them, when they commit thoughtless crimes
That it must plague their inner peace, during these times

Also...I don’t like organ meats or trashy foods
Except those times when they help my craving moods!
I must be honest, sincere and definitely no one’s slave  
For the wisdom in my life, comes from beyond the grave....

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