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Alcuin Edwards Alcuin Edwards
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soul mates

Designed to be an acrostic, but that only works in landscape.

Sometimes in the dying of the light
Everything in my head glows brighter than anger, and mushroom clouds burst from my heart of rage.
My mind, condemned to lifetime's drudgery, demands to fight:
Turns on me with a vengeance, and every sound cuts like a dagger, and I bleed on the page.
Each time I look up at the clock in the corner and see the hands still stuck at Noon's height
Xray my heart and you will see the pain, the hate, the bombs I'd plant.  I would erect a stage,
Even in the midst of their territory, where I would challenge their might.
My brain burns with electrical storms and my heart growls like a dragon in a cage.
Outside: the storm-clouds cover the land in permanent rain-sodden night;
Tombs are erected to the memory of decency and equality as if these were things of another age.
I look upon the world they have made and I scream at the sight
Over and over as if I were the mother of monsters, condemned to see my children's last days
Now become death.  And in my weeping grows a thirst, a fire, a second sun all-burning bright.

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