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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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She had a friend.

An exercise we were asked to do at our U3A Writing Group...About if the train didn't stop at the station!

Kismet was travelling on the Orient Express, en route to Istanbul, to meet Horlando, the man of her dreams.
It had been all arranged on the internet two weeks ago.  

With only about one more hour to her stop, Kismet closed her eyes and reflected on her future with this man.

It had seemed like fate that they were to meet, for Kismet had never quite felt sure or comfortable with the opposite sex.

However, there was something about Horlando, who had a magnetic quality about him and the attraction was of course, reciprocated.  

Was it only three weeks ago when she first laid eyes on him?
Yes, of course they had communicated via the internet daily, their conversations were so interesting and flowed quite naturally, but it was on her stopover to Istanbul, as part of her prearranged European tour, that she finally got to meet him.

Yes, he was everything she had thought him to be.  Of course she had seen pictures of him, but he was much taller and more handsome in person, than she had ever imagined.

A sudden jolting stop had her awakening in great confusion.   2 comments

She was alone! How could that be?  
The train had been packed to full capacity when she left Paris.
She was alone!
Something strange was going on here, she thought.
Standing up, Kismet walked to the door, only to find it couldn’t be opened.  

The night was dark and eerie, not a soul was in sight, for Kismet was the only one, alone in the night.

The train began to move, and then sped faster than a car;
Istanbul was nowhere to be seen, then she woke up in fright.

Her dream within a dream would be the death of her, for there was no man waiting, it was all wishful thinking.  


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