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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The Interview

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soul mates

Another repost of what could happen in the future?

The time has come and so I near
To face my fate and to appear
Before the gate
Hope I’m not late
For I have waited a very long time
To reach this joint
Is there a point?
Eternity beckons and I must go
Don’t stop me now, I must not slow.

I huff and puff and struggle to run
The interview of a lifetime waits for none
I see St. Peter in front of his Gate
Waiting, waiting,
Is he hesitating?
‘Here I come…’  
I call from a distance
‘I hope I’m not late…’
The gate begins to open, at my insistence.

But still I struggle, will I be on time?
For punctuality is no friend of mine
My legs feel leaden
And they slow my feet
Oh no! Not again!
Is history about to repeat?
I see the gate beginning to close
And shuts as I sigh,
‘I’ve missed by a nose!’

This can’t be happening, why is it so?
It WAS my time, this I did know
I plead and then cry to open that gate
Will this always be my repeated fate?
My face is wet,
Where the tears have flowed
And so is my pillow,
Well wouldn’t you know!

A lesson to be learnt
In the form of a dream
And I slowly piece together
What it could all mean
Third time lucky,
I was led to believe
I must raise my standards,
I guess, to achieve.

The alarm clock rings …
Should I change my life?
Have I been a good wife?
Should I start again?
Or carry on as before?

And with the fear of being late
For my intended fate
I ponder my reaction
And know what I must do
I now I spring into action.

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