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the story of my life for sure

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The Interview 2

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She had a friend.

This is the follow-on story about my poem of 'The Interview.'  These are just my imaginings of what could happen when I pass over to the other side, if one believes in the other side.

The long and challenging journey had finally come to fruition for the weary, world wise woman; her determined face mapped the experiences of a lifetime.
With dragging feet she purposefully puffed her way up the final steps of the steep mountain towards the large entrance gate, her final destination.  Miriam felt that this just had to be her time.

Arranging yet another interview, the third so far, had seemed to take forever.  
This time, she had hoped to be successful.

Her time management had always been the problem.  
The disappointments of all those knock backs were demoralising.  
How many times had Miriam thought she’d been successful?

Only to be turned away...and sent to the end of the queue, to start all over again!  
There had always been some minor flaw in her application or a misunderstanding about how her questionnaire was written. 1 comment

With a surge of energy Miriam sprinted towards the gate, where the same watchman called Peter, stood guard.

She prayed he would take pity on her this time, for she had indeed tried so very hard to fit the criteria for this sought-after position. This was to be her last chance, and if she failed this interview, she would not be given another.

‘Welcome Miriam! You’re ten minutes late, again!’

Miriam struggled to speak. ‘...Please forgive me but, those steps keep getting steeper.’

‘Well, seeing as this is your third interview, I will give you special consideration, but we will have to be quick. The queues are building up behind you.

‘Thank you, I won’t disappoint you this time.’ She exhaled her pent-up emotions.

Hopefully he would open that elusive Gate for her so that she could  enjoy a well earned retirement.

Holding an open book, Peter carefully scanned it's contents.
‘Hmmm!  I see that you have been improving each time you come to visit. Okay, the question today is...What have you learned from your past mistakes?’

Miriam remembered all those other interviews.  Different questions had been asked and she had given some really good answers, yet she had not completely fulfilled all of the questionnaire’s requirements.  Each time she had embarrassingly failed to give a complete answer.

But today, Peter looked different.  He seemed almost … human.  
He looked up from his book and brilliant blue eyes met her brown orbs. Miriam wondered if he had taken pity on her as she pondered what answer to give.  Would it be the right one this time?  In the past she had not found the answer Peter wanted to hear to all those different questions:

What is happiness?  
What do you believe in?  
What is commitment?
Who gets your love?  
Who would you die for?  
What is compassion?  
Where do you belong?  
What is sacrifice?  
How is your time management?
What contribution have you made to the world?

Miriam had tried so hard to live up to his expectations, yet it was never enough. Peter did not give her a second chance.  It had to be the first thing that came into her head.

‘Well, what have you learned from your past mistakes Miriam?

Today, all she could think of was...‘To forgive! The world should now be a better place, for I know I have left my mark and made a difference...for the better’.

Peter closed the book...and...the elusive Golden Gate, swung open!

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