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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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Sammy finally gets to heaven for the last time.

Sam looked around in shock, eyes wide. Sure, he knew he was headed to heaven and all, he had been promised that much by God. But this? This was almost too good to be true.

Walking around, Sam grinned at all the small details. The large navy blue sofa, the worn rug laying by the massive bookshelf. Even the numerous pictures were all right. Stepping up to them, he grabbed one from the shelf and held it in his hands. A tear slid down the glass as his finger gently trailed over Jessica's lips.

"Oh...Jess.." He whispered, sniffling a little.

Before he could look around the house anymore, he could hear heels clicking on the wooden stairs. Then a giggle he knew better than anything, "Finally, Sammy. Thought you'd never make it."

Turning, Sam let his eyes roam her figure. Slender as always, Jessica wore a nice pink flowered sundress, heels to match, and the widest grin he had ever seen. Her eyes sparkled in the light and she giggled again, "What are you waiting for?"

They rushed to each other, Jess grabbing him in a hug, but he surrounded her in a bear hug, her feet no longer touching the ground. They stood there for a long while as Sam cried into her neck, Jessica rubbing his back soothingly and promising he was okay and they were together now. Finally home. Their dream home.

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