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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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New Year’s Day 2016

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soul mates

Another spur of the moment useless bit of writing. I won't write the actual thoughts that went through my mind though!

It was approximately 7 a.m. Friday the 1st of January 2016
We were rudely awakened by an alarm blasting through the air
Being windy, this alarm sounded like some sort of car alarm
This at times, does happen to cars parked in the street.

Having watched the Melbourne fireworks on New Year’s Eve
And Sydney’s as well, we didn’t get to bed until about 2 a.m.
So imagine starting the New Year to that untimely sound
After a bit, it stopped, restarted again at different intervals.

This alarm then went on and off for nearly fifteen minutes
We were most annoyed, savouring the quiet for seconds only
We looked out of our bedroom window, but all was quiet
We went back to bed, but would you believe, it continued?

Now who on earth would leave an alarm blaring for so long?
Very inconsiderate we thought, especially on this morning
On New Year’s Day, we were meant to have a decent sleep-in
Last night we entertained guests for dinner, so we were tired.

We tried to imagine what may be happening if this continued
Was the car being burgled? But the sound was in the same place
Did the owner lose their keys?  Or perhaps it was a malfunction?
After a longer quiet interval, it started again. Enough was enough.

I put on my dressing gown and followed that sound
The air was still hot and stifling from a very hot night
The sound got louder as I went into our backyard
Perhaps the neighbour’s car? They often travel overseas.

As I went further into our backyard, our garage is on a corner
I was in no way prepared for what I actually saw and heard
I quickly ran inside and urgently called my husband
He also came out immediately and felt quite shocked.

The mystery was solved at last, much to our dismay
The loud blaring, scaring, daring, was closer than imagined
It was indeed the cat, that jumped onto the car, as in the past
How embarrassing it was, to find that it was our own car!

Looking around, I sheepishly went inside, while hubby dealt with it.
Certainly not a good way to begin 2016. What will the year hold for us?

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