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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Just Over that Hill

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soul mates

We were given an exercise to write in the holidays with the subject 'Just over that Hill'.       This is what I came up with just the other day. Do you know what I am talking about?

There is a golden rainbow
It’s not there for all to see
Normally rainbows are coloured
Colours that run in all directions
But for those eventually selected
‘Just over that hill’, is the golden one.

The old man, in the winter of his years
Whose vision has become quite limited
Yet he too, can see that aura of pure gold
Blindness does not always mean darkness
The chosen, see that energy of light
For ‘Just over that Hill’, is that golden one.

Then there is the newborn babe
Whose tiny eyes are not yet fully focussed
Pure and innocent, he sees that golden orb
That star of beauty, the star of night
Eyes of wonder, yet closed very tight
‘Just over that Hill’, the babe can now see.

The stressed single mother, who worried so
Then goes without food, to feed her brood
Abandoned and alone, she reaches for energy
Her children have been taken from her
She prays as she works, then sees a solution
‘Just over that Hill’, was the golden rainbow.

The Missionaries of Charity see a teenage girl
Sleeping on a rug, outside their Convent
Emaciated and cold, in the winter of the night
They open their hearts and offer her comfort
She feels the warmth of their love, it’s not too late
The young girl now sees a light, ‘Just over that Hill.’

‘What is “Just over that Hill”? Asks the curious child
How can a mother explain a garden of peaceful serenity?
When finally, one arrives in that other dimension?
And the normal rainbow now becomes the golden one?
Way up in the sky, beyond human comprehension?
The answer my friend, is ‘Just over that Hill!’

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