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Shade Webb Shade Webb
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Perspective Is Driving At Sunset

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She had a friend.

One of those bouncing thoughts that I let out in writing when I got home today.

Perspective is driving at sunset. 1 comment

Heading west with the sun at your back, peeking through the rear window and warming your neck as the light rays dance across your mirrors. The music's up and you don't have any cd's, but it's all good because the radio just keep landing on all your favorite songs. The sky in front of you is filled with the colors and reflections of a day well spent.

But what of the poor souls heading east? You watch them pass you with no sunglasses. Heads bobbing around the car, desperately searching for the one perfect spot where the visor blocks the sun, but still allows enough room to see the road. The annoyance of spending a full day at work and missing a beautiful day only to head home at the end of it and deal with this bullshit. The frustrated speeding and aggressive maneuvers of someone just desperate to get home and be done with it all.

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