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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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That Dress

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soul mates

A bit of nonsense. Wrote this on the train to the city of Melbourne, on ANZAC day the 25th April, to attend a function, so as to kill some time, this (expensive)  dress with 40% discount, was a real bonus.  I will also wear it this Sunday for my first Grandsons, first Communion Day.  Hope you understand what I am about...

I don't often buy clothes,
Usually, their size does not fit
No, I am not obese, but at times
What I like, does not fit!

The other week, I found a dress,
It was for my favourite nieces wedding,
Hubby did not like the white flowers on black
But I thought it was fit for a wedding!

Wearing my new dress,
White flowers and all,
Flowers in my hair
I'm off to have a ball!

My hubby is dressed to kill
That white jack is such a hit
He makes sure he looks great,
And he thinks he's it and a bit!

The Australian Natives Association
Invite us each and every year
To Australia Day and special occasions,
If we can make it, we go, never fear!

This is the second time I've worn THAT dress
The compliments I have received so far,
From the time of my nieces Wedding,
And from our station master too, I say ahh!

The reason for this simple rhyme,
Is to tell you about what you need
If hubby cannot agree with you,
In time, with badgering, you will succeed!

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