Jim Miller Jim Miller
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Prbably a typo, but stated should be started, shouldn't it?

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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you're prbably both right about the typo.

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Woken by Rumbling

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soul mates

Something I wrote on the morning of new zealand's 7.8 earthquake (13 November 2016 12.02am)  to take my mind off the aftershocks that kept me awake durring the night/early morning.

From my sleep I was awaken,
By the sound of a low vibration,
“Another earthquake, soon be through,”
I was used to them, so nothing new.

Suddenly there came a rumbling,
Objects rattled and started tumbling.
The room began to rock side to side,
Like a turbulent plane, or carnival ride. 3 comments

Some pictures fell from their hooks,
As did a mirror but not my books.
And with it came a shatter of glass.
“Will this Earthquake ever pass?”

At last the rumbling and earthquake stopped,
My mind was rattled and nerves were shot,
I found the cord and turned on the light,
Then hastened to check if my Dad
“Are you alright?”

Ringing family texting friends,
Watching BBC and CNN.
We’d never felt an earthquake like that before,
So I was of no surprise when they said “7.4”

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