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Aubrey Delarosa Aubrey Delarosa
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For Ryan

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Sypnosis: Story is set in a futuristic New York.  Because of an accidental chemical explosion at a fertility laboratry, men have obtained the ability to carry children.  The ability is genetically passed on to the male child, but a small percentage don't recieve it.  After his brother, Ryan, dies from an aggressive illness, Jay Evers watches a DVD that included Ryan's wishes.  One of Ryan's wishes, was for Jay to carry Ryan's unborn baby.  Jay eventually agrees to do so, except there is a small problem-Jay does not possess his brother's ability to bear children.  So, before his wedding, he undergoes a risky surgery which allowed him to carry his brother's baby.  Jay's fiance, Ava Addison, wished to have a child herself after they were married.  But, how was Jay going to tell her he is already with child?

       Situations in a person's life can change in an instant-whether good or bad.  And some situations can't be controlled, they just have to run their course.  For Jay Evers, his world took a dive.  From taking to his fiancĂ© about their upcoming wedding, to getting a phone call from the hospital about his brother's rapidly declining health.
       Jay sat in the hallway of the ICU with his back against the white wall.  He had his head buried in his hands.  Sounds of mumbling, footsteps, and the rhythmic beeping of the heart monitors seemed to blur all together.  All Jay could hear was his heart pumping slowly and heavily.  Remaining calm was the most difficult thing to do, for the obvious reason that his brother was in the room adjacent from where he sat.  The suspense of waiting made Jay's insides feel tense and tight.  He loosened his dark blue tie and opened his shirt collar then set his suit jacket next to him.
       There was a familiar walking rhythm that Jay heard coming towards him.  He saw a pair of Air Jordan's.  A comforting hand touched his shoulder.  Jay looks up and sees his best friend Evan Connor, who was standing above him.  He gets up onto his feet.

"Hey, I came as soon as you is he? Have they said anything?" Evan asks with concern.  He sees Jay's fist tighten, attempting to hold in tears.

Jay's voice cracked as he spoke.  He crosses his arms.  ", ugh...they did all they could possibly do.  And...I'm just see him."

Evan sympathetically nods then tightly hugs his distraught friend.

"Oh, Evan, I...can't...can't breathe." Jay sobs in Evan's shoulder.
Evan rubs Jay's back, trying to calm him.

"Jay, I'm so sorry."  Evan whispers.

They sit together against the wall and Jay tucks in his knees to his chest.  

"Did you tell Ava what's going on?" Evan asks.

"Yeah.  She, um...she's still in Chicago with her family.  But, she'll be here with them tomorrow.  Did Izzy come with you?"

"No, she stayed home with Caelan.  Poor thing, she got a cold earlier today.  She looks like a little zombie." Evan lightly laughs and Jay responds with a little smile.

       After thirty minutes of doctors, nurses and patients passing up and down the hallway, the door to Jay's brother's room opened.  A mature blonde doctor walked out, wearing a grey pencil skirt with a maroon V-neck shirt under her white coat.  She respectfully stands in front of Jay.

"Jayden Evers?" She addresses him softly.

Jay and Evan stand up.  "Yes?" Jay responds anxiously.

"I'm Dr. Emily Gerard, your brother's doctor.  I have made sure he's as comfortable as possible.  That is all I can do for him right now." She says calmly.

Jay nods and lowers his head.  Dr. Gerard puts her hand on Jay's shoulder.  "You may go in and see him now." The doctor says as she shows him the door.

"Do you want me to go in with you?" Evan offers.

"Thanks Evan, but I..."

"It's okay.  I understand.  Go ahead."

       Jay's heart sped up more as he looked toward the door.  Wiping the tears off his face, he walks into the room.  His eyes settled on a pale skinned young man about his age.  Black hair, brown eyes, and a warm smile on the patient's face when he saw Jay come through the door.

"Hey, Blue-jay."  The young man teased weakly.

The joke temporarily diverted Jay's attention from his own emotional state.

He laughed and shook his head.  "You know I don't like that nickname, Ryan.  Jerk!"

Jay sits in the chair next to his brother's bed.

"Mom use to call you that." Ryan says with a grin on his face.

Jay does a face-palm.  "Yeah, but that is completely different."

"Mmm...I don't think so.  She called you "Blue-jay" out of love." Ryan smiled.  He pauses for a moment.  "And I say it because...I love you too, Jay.  You're my brother."

Ryan adjusts his head on his pillow.  "Look, I know you don't like the name, but this is gonna be the last time you'll hear it from me.  You should hear it one last time."

Jay's eyes well up with tears as he lowered his head.  "Yeah, you're right." Jay sighs, tears rolling down his cheeks.

He looks at Ryan, knowing he will never get to see him again.  "I'm...ugh, I...I'm gonna miss you so, so much."  Jay reaches out and clings to Ryan's hand.  "You're the only family I have left."

"Jay, that is not true.  You're going to marry Ava in a few weeks.  That is huge!  Then later down the road, you two will probably have kids.  Jay Junior, a mini Ava, and a cute chubby one that might look like me.  You will be surrounded with family." Ryan assures his brother.

Jay quietly chuckles while he wiped his eyes.

"Jayden Isaac Evers.  Trust me, you will not be alone.  Things will get better, you'll see.  I'm sorry I won't be there for your wedding.  I was kind of hoping to give the greatest wedding speech ever.  Maybe even make a move on the maid-of-honor." Ryan smiles.

"Ryan, Ava's sister Grace, is the maid-of-honor." Jay sates.

"Yeah, I know..."

"Does my brother have a thing for Grace Addison?" Jay raises his eyebrows.

"A little...okay, a lot." Ryan playfully rolled his eyes.

"Ah, since when?"

"Three months ago."

"What happened to Kendra?" Jay wondered.

"Things were not going well.  We had polar opposite ideas of where our relationship should go.  So we broke up."

"Ryan, I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's okay. I'm fine with it now."

Ryan's eyes slowly began to close.  Breathing was getting difficult.


"Yeah?" Jay answers.

"Promise me something..."

"Anything." Jay says, stroking Ryan's head.

"If you ever decide to have kids...and one of them is a boy..."

"I'll name him after you." Jay promises.

Ryan laughs weakly.  "You read my mind.  My middle name...Parker."

"Oh...okay." Jay's voice cracks.

Ryan closes his eyes and says his final words.  "Have Ava call you "Blue-jay" once in a while.  You should hear it from...someone...who loves you."

"I...I will." Jay promises.

       He helplessly watched his beloved brother slip away from the world of the living.  In an instant, Ryan was gone.  Jay walked out of the room that once occupied by someone he loved.  His head hung low, his eyes were red from crying.  Evan saw his friend and hurried to his side, knowing instinctively what just happened.  Jay expressed his pain as Evan held him in his arms.

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