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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

The Nefarious Bogeyboy

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She had a friend.

Dialogue only story between man and a frightened ghost. Ending still needs some work.

“Hey kid, what are you doing down there under the table?”

“Hiding sir,”

“Hiding from what?”

“The Bogeyman,”

“Calm down. I won’t let anyone hurt you. Why don’t you come out from under there?”

“No, I’m too scared.”

“There is nothing to be scared of…er what’s your name?”

“Dantalion; named after the powerful Great Duke of Hell.”

“That’s awful, naming someone after a demon.”

“Bogeyman says it suits me because I’m a naughty little spook.”

“Look, Dantalion, there’s no such thing as the Bogeyman it’s just your over active imagination.”

“It’s not my imagination, and the Bogeyman’s is everything to be scared of when he’s angry at you.”

“The Bogeyman’s angry at you?”

“Yes, it he catches me I’ll get whopped and sent to my tomb without supper.”

“Tomb…don’t you mean sent to your room?”

“Under the gloom of the moon the tomb is my room.”

“Why don’t you come out and we’ll ring your parents. I’m sure they must be wondering where you are at this time of night.”

“My Mummy a little wrapped up in her work right now and won’t be home till morning.”

“What about Dad?”

“I’m hiding from him.”

“You are hiding from your Dad and the Bogeyman?”

“Daddy’s the Bogeyman.”

“Oh, you think your Dad is a Bogeyman?”

“Not a Bogeyman, he’s "The Bogeyman".”

“I don’t know; you seem too much of a nice kid to be the son of such an evil demon.”

“He gets on my back about it all the time.”
“I see, so why is your da…er I mean the Bogeyman angry at you?”

“I ran across the road and a car hit me.”

“That’s awful, are you alright?”

“Went straight through me, but the driver got a fright and hit a tree.”

“It went through you?”


“How is that possible?”

“Not when you have a acorpatel body like mine.”

“Um, I think you mean incorporeal,”

“That’s what I said.”

“So you’re a ghost then?”  

“Sort of..kind more what you might call a Bogeyboy.”

“I see, and Bogeyboy’s don’t feel pain?”

“No they’re corpatel. ”

“Then how could the bogeyman hurt you?”

“Bogeyman knows how.”

“I won’t let him hurt you.”

“You can’t stop him.”

“Why not?”

“Only children can hear, see and feel his presence.”

“I’ll think of something just come out. Here take my hand I’ll help you up.”

“My hand is  acorpatel too. It'll go straight through yours...besides, I’m too scared to move from here.”

“I’m expecting company for a diner party tonight.”

“That’s okay, safety in numbers.”

“No, you can’t stay here. Now be a good boy and come out…please.”

“I don’t want to, I don’t want to.  He’ll get me and hurt me and stuff.”

“No one’s going to hurt you, I promise.”

“No he’ll…oh shit, here he is!”


"The Bogeyman"  

“There’s no Bogeyman here. You’re not a Bogeyboy, now come out from…”

“I’m sorry Daddy, I won’t do it again, Leave me alone...”
“Dantalion, calm down there’s no one there.”  

“No daddy, please...Nooooo!”



“Dantalion, where did you go?”






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