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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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invitation to denial

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Something to keep the site alive. Not the best but I guess someone has to post something. This poem is about dealing with adtction.

Awaiting Denial’s invitation;
Suffused with torment and frustration.
It plunged me in a hazardous situation,
And threatened to annul my occupation.

My world crumbled and I began suffocating,
The ones I once loved, I started hating;
Burnt bridges and friendships forsaken,
Blind to the mess of my life I was making.

I borrowed money and wouldn’t repay,
From old school friends, with once I would play.
They offered help but I just sent them away,
Lying to them and myself, that I was okay.

Denial was finally usurped by acceptance,
As I witnessed best friends keeping their distance.
With a gigantean effort I fought addiction’s insistence,
Swallowed my pride and asked for assistance.

For twenty years I’ve been free from that “Force”,
That compelled me to shame and those things I remorse.
Friendships rekindled, and I repaid them of course,
To share such an experience I would never endorse.

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