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Sara Smith Sara Smith
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Darker than dark

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soul mates

Pain and suffering

The space inside my head is dark
Filled with anger and pain
I need to scream it out but have to refrain

Why, when nothing makes sense except the hate I feel
The desire to hurt and scream and shout fills my brain but I don't!

My world is empty,
Denied existence by a seed of injustice
I don't exist except in the mind of a twisted individual hiding in the shadows.

Behind the posters and clothes thrown on the floor many teen lives ago.
I want to escape and roam free
But I can't..
Kept in a cell of my own making
In the mind of the hurt persona of the warped.

Why can't I scream the truth out loud to release my life into the society of the unknown, the unwashed, the undesirable.
Why can't I retreat back into the glitter make up and alcopops of yesteryear when freedom meant too loud music and sparkles on the bedroom floor
When did my life stop meaning anything to everybody including me!

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