Michael Starr Michael Starr
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I didn't understand this writing style until now: it's the voice of someone who is pathetic and struggling to get by! Dang :/.

Michael Starr Michael Starr
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Goes well with the "ditty", if that is a form of classical music and I'm remembering its name correctly.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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George Washington!

I travel in the wires. I travel in the Air. My name is I. Sometimes, you may have seen me in a stranger`s eye. My name is I. If you`ve been listening, you may catch me in the laughter of nature. Why? Simply, because it is I. No more, no less than I. Why must you cry to think that I am something you may never find within your reach. Why do I need to fit into your box?

My name is I. I rule my own Kingdom on the Isle of I. I live and move in the trees. Don`t be afraid. It is only I. I have no need of those things which make your heart go fly..a kite. A simple pleasure I will not deny the right of I to indulge in what makes a bird to fly. In the wide, open SKY of I.

The air I breathe is part of A and lives by R. If the law of gravity should ever fail, I shall still be,``I.`` And, fail it should, because of CARS and the death they forevermore produce. The I in hyprocrite is I, because I, too, drive one. I, too, mass produce toxic grief because of I. I speak of self and poison tongue, and selfish it might be. I say, I, far too many times in the course of my busy day. My,``I`s,``may be but daggers sharp,and cuts I slash with ,``I.``It may be that this slice of pie may be filled with too much of I. Redundant deep is what I what I weep over this mortal decry. 1 comment

I live in the zap of power`s hum upon your Westinghouse range. Be careful now, I may be there in the shadows of your deadly dream. Don`t let your pot boil too long, my dear. Or the fear of a tear too soon bereft of reason to appear on such a lovely face. I lie. I lay. Ole`. Oil of Olay, makes me young, again. I try to smother my wrinkled skin of yore, but I..I...I, dismal fail. Time will be the death of I. The I in pride over-rides that all is lost, shipwrecked upon the swishing, sloshing sea of VANITY. 2 comments

I live on the air waves. I surf from here to parts unknown. To express, no less the mess that`s in this nest I call my hair. My words too deep for shallow swimmer to reason in this season of anarchy. The world`s aflame with shame, and I fear that the letter, I, may soon be King. Leave it to Beaver has fallen to the cleaver. I love Lucy is a joke for old fogeys to yearn for in their last, gaasping breaths. Will The Waltons come back again?  Can we ever go back to times simpler and perhaps a little more humane, Dwayne? No!!!screams the I!!! I will not share!! I will not care!!!  This is the 2000`s, man. Move it on over,Grover, or get mowed over!! I am I. I over-rule. I am King. Feel my sting!!

I have nothing more to say. I rule the day. Unless, YOU have something to say. I will close now. It is always the I in win that wins. Unless, you think that you can change it?  One more thought and....I...will take your leave. Hold your children close to your heart. I had that once, but I lost it. Appreciate your sunsets. This one may be your last. When, you hear your little one say, ``Come play with me!``...Go...go like the wind. You may never have that chance again!! Leave your love of counting your money and take time to spend a little on someone who could sure use it.

Don`t let I ruin your sand castles. Don`t let I destroy your secret forts! And, above all else, once in awhile..look in the mirror, and if you can, say,...`` I love you!!``Don`t let I rule your kingdom, just as I did. And if you ever see me say HI.

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