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I'm a word nerd. Two time award winner for short stories. I write based off of feelings. My writing is an escape for me as it is for most people. It's my talent and passion. You'll never see me writing because it's something I do privately because I always cry my eyes out. I've been writing since I was 6 but my writing took it's toll after my mother passed away. I write about the pain I feel and sometimes about the lessons I've learned. My writing will make you cry and I'm not sorry; it means that I did my job to make you feel what I feel.

Favorite writer

Any writer who can capture my attention is my favorite. I admire all writers!

I enjoy writing because

It's my way of expressing myself. There is no other way to put it.

My best writing advice

Don't let criticism get the best of you. It's harsh but it helps you out a lot. Don't be ashamed of what you write or even to show people. If some people don't like it doesn't mean everyone isn't going to like it... Everyone has a different opinion. Run with it.

I'm currently reading

The writers on here! They are amazing!

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Bridges Hold Pain
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