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Ahmed Alireza

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my name is ahmed....i am from jeddah...saudi arabia and this coming june i will be 60 yrs of age....i am divorced and have two daughters in their early teens....i have a degree in political science and a masters in epistemology ...i love to read becouse it is the food that my intellect begs for as its only form of sustenance.
i have over the many years written some 500 short stories....in both the arabic and english language.....all are in scrap book format....hence my decision now to come to this site and publish my modest works and look forward to reader feedback.
i write comedy tragedy adventure fantasy love.....observation and commentary... essays on public and human affairs.
i have too may favorite writers but i would regard balzac and henry james to rank among my favorites....as well as emile zola... tolstoy... dickens.
my present reading craze is micro biology and the structure of the cell....amazing stuff.
i wish you all a nice day.

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