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Neal Shanncappo

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I'm a Nakawe (we're part of the Ojibwe first nations, but we're not Ojibwe) writer, artist, film maker, poet, and graphic novelist.

I write to express that which is in my soul and I share my work freely that anyone who comes across it may understand that they are not alone. I write to be as descriptive as possible, because I want you the reader to feel as though you are in the story, that it is your story and that you are living it right now.

I write because I must. Just like you.

Favorite writer

Piers Anthony, Jack L. Chalker, Terry Brooks

I enjoy writing because

It soothes my soul.

My best writing advice

Don't be afraid to describe everything in detail and thereby expose your deepest recesses of your soul to those who would read your mind spilled out across the infinite pages untold.

I'm currently reading

Various graphic novels