Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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The Caterpillar

Caterpillar, caterpillar, You are a caterpillar. No pi...

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Michael Phillips Michael Phillips
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At the Precipice of Infinity

The forest surrounds me in a blanket of beauty as it pu...

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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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LAS XII - Choice

Sorraru’s eyes opened as the sounds of Lan sharpening...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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To Feel On One's Own Time

My mind is as sensitive as they come. It takes nothing ...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
Recommendations: 12

In the Eyes of...

I see the claws and hear the voices I briefly glimpse ...

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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

The Numbing (Rework)

The first thing that I noticed about Silas was th...

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Goldie Kohli Goldie Kohli
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Given the size of the library doors I had expected a fl...

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John Besaw John Besaw
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Eldritch Island : Chapter 01

Being a culture that is bound and close to ocean, the I...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Adrift in Content (first draft)

I close my eyes and feel the breath Of life course thro...

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Hey it's the writer Jordan Newman and i had had to dele...

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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I feel nothing The pain is gone With it the tears, The ...

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
Recommendations: 29

They told me...

I was always told to never look straight into the sun. ...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

A Poets Fate

A Poets Fate © 1959 Don Yarber Through the world I s...

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Evie Walter Evie Walter
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horror haiku

minds of twisted killers, bent on spreading horror, wit...

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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
Recommendations: 21

My Time Machine Mind

Levitation and domination My two favorite hobbies of pl...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Faceless Stranger

How I got here is anybody's guess, especially min...

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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Its midnight. The moon is up and the mist is covering i...

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
Recommendations: 29

Sir, Madame...You do not know me so therefore Go...

"Shut up! That is a total lie!" Excuse me? Where is you...

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Tara Behan Tara Behan
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I talked to you, And you listened. You gave me hope,...

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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
Recommendations: 21

The Clock's Prey

Thousands of ideas I've stumbled upon The inspiration I...

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